Record Your Moment

A videographer will be onsite to record every precious moment of the service. 
• Within 24 hours, the service will be uploaded to the internet
• A secure private link to the service will be emailed to you, to
 ..share with your family and friends
• The service is stored and viewable online for 5 years with 
..unlimited connections, anywhere 


• Same day events like Pre Wedding Photos or the Reception can also video recorded
• Each event will be uploaded with separate links 
• Time allotted for each extra event is around an hour and a half 
• Our recommendation for the reception is to record the program 
..and the first few memorable dances
• The cost is an additional $199 for each same day event


Commemorative DVDs of the service and events can be 
.. purchased for $50 each
A DVD can include the service and all the extra events 
Custom design to match your wedding colours (as close as possible)
Note: Edits are done by special request with our office.


Sample Commemorative Back Cover & Spine
Sample Commemorative Front Cover with DVD 
• At most weddings, a Slideshow of the couple is shown for their and friends to view the couple's journey
• We can upload this Slideshow to the internet, providing you with a ..additional private link for the Slideshow
• The cost is $25


1. All links will provide storage for the file and enable online viewing for 5 years with 
..unlimited connections, anywhere. ​​After 5 years, you will be able to continue to ...have the files stored and viewable online for a nominal fee. 
2. Note: Edits are done by special request with our office.
​3. The secure, unique private link to the service (containing 96 alphanumeric ...characters), is sent to the one email address that is on file. It is that individual's ...prerogative to forward the email to whomever they choose. 

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